A1. Veggies Spring Rolls

Cabbage, taro, yam, carrot, mung bean, seasoning and wrap (contains peanuts). 2 rolls.

A2. Shrimp & Pork Spring Rolls

Taro, cabbage, pork, shrimp, seasoning, wrap (contains peanuts). 2 rolls.

A3. Fresh Roll

Fresh veggies, vermicelli, tofu, pickle, served with lime fish sauce or miso sauce. 2 rolls.

A4. Beef Skewer

Street grill in lemongrass, turmeric, galangal served with papaya pickle. 2 skewers.

A5. Chicken Satay

Chicken marinated with herb and coconut milk served with papaya pickle. 2 skewers.

A6. Lemongrass Maple Glaze Chicken Wings

Chicken wings, lemongrass mixed, maple syrup. 10 pcs.



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