C01. Mom’s Chicken Curry (Gluten-Free)

Chicken, taro, yam, onions, curry paste, coconut cream, seasoning and a chili paste. Comes with rice.

N01. Vermicelli Bowl (Gluten-Free without Soy Sauce)

Vermicelli, veggies or chicken, red onions, spring roll, soy and lime fish sauce.

N02. Pad Thai (Gluten-Free)

Rice noodles, proteins (veggies or chicken) egg, tofu, beansprout, chive, red onion, pad Thai sauce (fish sauce and tamarind base).

N03. Udon Stir Fried

Udon, proteins (veggies or chicken), egg, tofu, red onions, garlic, sprouts, chives, soy sauce and a lime fish sauce.

N04. Drunken Noodles

Fresh rice noodles, tofu, red onions, proteins (veggies or chicken), tomato, sprouts, chili, basil, peanuts and soy with ginger base sauce.

P01. Beef Pho

Beef ball, rare beef, rice noodle, beef broth, pho’s spices, bean sprout, basil, onion, cilantro and seasoning.