BBQ Wings

BBQ sauce made in house, 10 wings.

Beef Khao Soi (curry egg noodle)

Beef red curry, egg noodles, bean sprout, red onion, mustard pickle . ( the noodle and curry will be in one container for take-out because the dish is needed for only half a bowl )

Bento 4

Pad thai noodle, Brisket Grill , chicken satay, Mango salad

Chicken Congee

Free range yellow chicken, rice, broth, mushroom, carrot, beansprout, roasted garlic, herb.

Grill Chicken Fried Rice Combo

Grill chicken ( dark and white meat ) dipped in salt, pepper, and lime juice and fried rice with egg, turmeric and seasoning.

Lemongrass Maple Chicken and Pork Ribs Grill

2 pcs chicken and 2 pcs back pork ribs grilled with lemongrass mix and maple glaze served with steam rice and an egg on the side. great combo!



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