Andy’s Burger (khmer flavors)

Beef patty (Ground beef, lemongrass mixed, honey , rice and seasoning).

Andy’s Burger & Wings Combo

Burger ( beef patty{ lemongrass mix, rice, seasoning}, bun, lettuce, jam, mayonnaise made in house, papaya pickle). 10 Wings , BBQ sauce Made in house

Beef Luc Lac

Beef marinated, red pepper, white onion, butter serve with fried rice.

Lemongrass Maple Chicken and Pork Ribs Grill

2 pcs chicken and 2 pcs back pork ribs grilled with lemongrass mix and maple glaze served with steam rice and an egg on the side. great combo!

Thon’ s Super Chili Paste

Homemade chili paste: chili, garlic, white onion, veg. oil, salt, sugar. No preservative added , super spicy. it’s been used in our dishes such as stir fried, soup, or dipping sauce. 1/4 tbsp for mild, 1/2 tbsp for medium, 1 tbsp for hot spicy. Savory To The Last Drop.