C1. Mom’s Chicken Curry

Chicken, taro, yam, onions, curry paste, coconut cream, seasoning and a chili paste.

Chicken Grill Rice Combo

Chicken grilled, egg, rice serve with pickle and lime fish sauce.

Grill Ribs Rice Combo bonus soup

Grill short ribs, steam rice, fried egg, lemongrass , maple syrup, green onion, veggies pickle serve with lime fish sauce.



hainanese chicken rice combo and soup

steam rice cooked in chicken broth, free run yellow chicken, house make sauce and veggies soup.

N1. Vermicelli Bowl

Vermicelli, veggies, red onions, tofu, spring roll, soy and lime fish sauce.

N2. Pad Thai

Fresh rice noodles, egg, veggies, tofu, red onions and fish with a tamarind base sauce.



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